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Our fabric products: from beginning until our customers

For some years now, the fabric has been gaining more and more space in our product catalog. Have you ever wondered what’s like the process of creating these products? It is really interesting so today we want to share it with you.

It all starts in Barcelona in our Concept Store and design studio. Our designer, Juan Carlos Fernandez, is the one in charge of imagining and giving life to our fabric products starting with their design. It is not easy to fit the production for so many disparate objects, but in the end it always comes out. Once we have the production decided it will be in Valencia that the second stage begins.

In Valencia our fabrics are printed using digital printing. This technique requires less water and is therefore more ecological and safer for our planet. The fabrics are 100% cotton, the Jalisco is lighter with a weight of 220 gr/m² and the Extra Panama is denser, reaching 400 gr/m².

The production of the fabrics takes between 4 and 6 weeks, the minimum is 500 meters and we have managed to produce in a single run up to 2000 meters! To get an idea if we started to roll out the rolls of fabric from our Concept Store in Mallorca, corner with Bailén, we would reach Comte Borrell street.

Fabric production: detail
Fabric production: detail
Once we have received the new production we send it to Olesa de Montserrat. There the Celler de la Pell team is in charge of cutting and shaping the fabric making the products.
Cutting fabric at the Celler de la Pell
Cutting fabrics at the Celler de la Pell
Finally, the objects return to Barcelona to our Concept Store at 332 Mallorca, street, where they are labeled and prepared to go on sale.
Born Roses Vanity Case
Trencazul 45 x 45 cm Cushion Cover
Modernist Tiles Bag
Cenefas Cotton Flower Vase
We hope this post on the production of our fabric products has been interesting to you.

Our commitment to our clients is: Own design, local production.

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